Fuck you homeboy!!!


Keep your lousy promises, keep your empty words.
Keep your midnight dreams of what could be...
Keep your weekends with me, keep the memories and pain.

Walk away with my head held high, never caring.
I don't care about you, not anymore.
I whiped off my tears and sorrows.
I'm ready to move on...
But not quite yet.

This is what I have to say,
hoping that you'll hear it loud and clear.
Knowing that you know I'm talking to you...

So, go on, walk along your girl's hand,
Kiss her neck as if it were mine.
Think of me, smell me,
feel my agonizing eyes,
burning through your naked flesh, while loving her 'gently'.

Think of me when you're together,
look into her eyes while thinking my name.
I'll be the last thing on your mind,
I'll be the first face you see in your nightmares.

Now you may think, I'm a spitefull bitch.
Now you may feel you're worth more than this.
Now, you may feel regret ever meeting me,
Now I tell you: it's too late.

I don't want a reaction,
I don't want a call
I don't want to see you...
ever again...
any more...

ps: loving anyone gently was never your strong side, now was it?

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Hier zit veel woede in denk ik... het is nooit makkelijk om iemand te verliezen laat staan met een ander te zien beginnen, zit in dezelfde situatie, maar je zal het positieve er in gaan zien achteraf en je zult harmonie vinden uiteindelijk...

Gepost door: Troetel | 04-06-08

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